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moose rapid plow mount

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First off nice site you have. what do you guys think of the rapid plow mount by moose? Do you think it is as durable as the push tube style? The 20+ inch raise height would come in handy for driving it on my tilt trailer as I plow out a few driveways in the area. Any help would be appreciated.
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It looks pretty slick, here's a link to the product for those interested: <a href="" target="_blank"> ... up_id=5682</a>

The only thing I'm curious about is the way it lifts the plow up and tilts it at the same time. Sometimes I want to push snow with the plow lifted up off the ground to knock a big pile back. With this design I don't think it would be possible to do this.
Well I ended up going with the rapid plow mount. Just have to wait for christmas to get it. I'll give a full report once I get to use it.
just a thought get a extra set of lights to mount up high on the rack looks like the plow makes the stock ones pretty well useless
Well I got it. mounting it was easy. Just take the four bolts out of the front of the bash plate, put the mounting plate over the bash plate and bolt back on with the supplied bolts. Once you have the plow and push tube assembled, just drive into it and it locks in place. VERY EASY. To take it off, you pull a cable and pull it off.
I was very impressed with the build quality. Pushed a bit of snow with it and it felt very solid. You can build pretty big piles with it. The blade lifts up 19" with stock springs and 20" with the highlifter springs. Any ?'s just ask.
Nice set-up. Looks just like the Polaris Glacier plows. Good Luck.
Thats the plow setup I want to get for mine. Nice to see ho it looks mounted on a foreman. Keep us updated if you have any problems.
Well I got to plow a quite a bit of snow with it this weekend, and is holding up great. I had to retighten the mounting plate bolts, as it mounts over the plastic bash plate, and must compress the plastic a bit. Another nice thing I noticed about the set up is that you can pile the snow higher than the standard style plow, because of the 20" lift height.
Thanks for reporting back. This is exactly what I want to get for my Foreman too but it probably wont be this winter as I just dont have the extra $600 sitting around. Maybe they will come down a little on price as they become more available, right now I can only find two places to get them (online that is). I dont know if any local dealers might have them or not maybe I will check.
Wow that looks really similar to the Polaris Glacier plows its nice to know now that we can get that style for Hondas cause ive wanted one in that style looks really simple to take the mount off to Congrats on the purchase
I like how that bracket bolts up to the front of the Foreman,very easy to remove for summer riding.I used to have a Cycle Country plow on a 300 and it was a pain to remove every spring.
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