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Moose Plow

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I have a chance to buy a used 60 inch Moose plow for my '06 Foreman 500. Does anyone know if this will be too heavy for the machine? The guy that advertised it mentioned that he believes it fit the bigger UTV's ie Prowler, Ranger, Mule, etc.

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you

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i have a 60 on mine and have no problems. plenty of power, etc.
may want hl spring kit on front, helps with the weight
Your Foreman will push more than that blade can handle. It will be fine.

I graded and spread 18 tons of gravel the first day I mounted my 60" Honda/Moose plow on my Foreman 500.

No worries!
I am also pushing a 60" blade with no problems. Makes quick work!
60" plow

No problem, I do this with my 350 4x4 2000 Rancher!
Moose plow

I run a 60 inch Country Moose plow on my 2002 Rancher es 4x4 . Works great. Run a set of 26 inch Black Water tires and One 50lbs sand bag on rear rack. Helps alot in wet heavy snow.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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