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moose plow mount help please

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i have the old style push tube and dont want to spend another 100 bucks fore the extended plow mount and conversion i was wondering if anyone knows what the model number is for the old mount thanks
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this is the part number i got for my 2004 Foreman.
4501-0044. it is for the old style push tube.
got it at phone number 231 627 9919
59.95 no shipping.
negative it is the new style.
i found this one on ebay does anyone know if the frames are the same on bot h the foreman and the rancher

mount kit for a Honda Rancher TRX350TM/TE 2x4 / 350FM/FE 4x4 '00 - '06. New in box, kits are NOS (new old stock), part number M91-61003 and M91-61005.
I am pretty sure the frames from the foreman to rancher are different.

but You might be able to fad it to work.

If i had the foreman mount I would'nt be afraid to put it on a rancher as is anything is would be bigger adn overlap and you could drill out the holes to bolt it up.

but your going from a rancher mount to a foreman and that I don't think I would want to try.

your best bet is to keep looking on ebay for the correct one

just my thoughts on it.
When I bought my plow, push tube and mount the guy I bought it from said he used it on a Rancher and it fit my Foreman perfectly. There are several holes where you can line up the mount to the bottom of your frame using U-clamps but you'll have to remove your skid plate first.
cool thanks guys i used my old one off my timber wolf and drilled holes.
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