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Moose Plow EZ lift kit

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Ok, I have a moose 55" plow with the EZ lift kit. I hate the EZ lift kit. Anybody use one of these with any degree of success? I have adjusted it several different ways none of which make it any better. It is really easy to lift the plow with the spring assistance, however to get the plow back into contact with the ground you have to push down to overpower the spring and lock it in place. This seems like the exact same amount of work as if I had a manual lift, only the energy is used in pushing instead of pulling. The instructions state that:

Only lock the blade in the down/forward position if the
entire weight of the blade is needed on the ground.
Is it just me, or don't you always need the entire weight of the plow on the ground when you are pushing snow? If the blade is 'floating' it won't scrape. Don't get me wrong, it beats shoveling, but I kind of wish I didn't spend the extra money for this thing that doesn't seem to be saving me any effort.
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Personally I believe you would have been better off with a winch and some weights. We (dad and I) looked at these for his foreman with a yamaha warn plow (retro-fitted) and decided for the money we spent on one of these we could buy a winch. It would have to be a cheap one to be in the same price range, but still effective and for some extra money you can get a good winch have the benefits of the winch.
Yeah I would have been better off. I'm still thinking about eating the cost of the lift and buying a cheap winch anyway. I'm a little worried about the draw on my battery though. I have ES and I'm constantly shifting 2 > 1 > N > R then R > N > 1 > 2 and I usually have the lights on. I'm concerned about how well it's going to hold up when I'm lifting/dropping winch 50 times also. I wish I could jump straight from 2 to R directly, I would save a lot of juice.
i have a plow on my kodiak 400 amd it works pretty good. i have the winch hooked up. ive never had any problems with the winch except the cable snapping a few times because your lifting the plow up every time you back up. the best thing about the kodiak is all you do is pull the gear shifter into reverse and go then put it back in forward. no shifting gears. its alot easier than going from 2 ,1 ,N, R then back again. but i like gear drive better.
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