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out of ideas on mods
dont want to play in engine so im pretty limited
any one have simple one for me
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if your not scared to work on the carb you can do a jet kit, clip the carb spring, and do some drillin on the slide.
how are you liking the 512 shocks? worth buying?
love them
worth every penny
C,ipped carb spring

What do you mean "clip the carb spring"? How do u do this and what are the benefits?
I would also like to know more about the carb spring!
pull off the top of your carb there will be a spring you clip 10 or so coils off of it and put it back in wiht the cut side up it will increese throttel responce a little but not much this works very good on a rincon
carb spring

Was it worth it to clip the carb spring?
well it was free so i gess buti didnt notice much ofa gain drilllling the slide how ever was well worth it
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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