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Modifying The Airbox

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Has anyone attempted to modify (Besides Snorkeling) your airbox for increased airflow? A friend of mine suggested taking the airbox cover completely off, which he did on a 400EX. It makes sense but I'm paranoid about leaving the filter exposed to the elements we face on every trip. Any input? Ideas? Comments?
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I know that K&N makes a power lid for some sport atv's, but i don't know
if they make them for utility atv's or not. That would be neat if they did.
Just looked them up're right, only available for sport ATV's. Wish I were a little more creative...wonder if you could make one out of some sort of car or truck filter (At least they look sort of similar). Unfortunately I have a 1D mind. (Ha!)
I wonder why they don't make one for utility atv's. I'm sure they would sell
like hotcakes if they did. Granted, you couldn't go in deep water, but it
would be neat to have one on those days you don't ride in deep water.
I agree...I'd buy one right now.
In case you're wonderin'...
You can't get those for utility atv's, only raceing and sport atv's. I tried finding one for my Foreman and the Rubicon and it's not available.
If you want more air and are not going into deep water, why don't you try taking the lid of the air box into a store and finding a small car air filter that will either be the same size or smaller and just cut the lid so it fits and then bolt the rubber portion of the filter to the lid. Then get another lid for those hot days when you want to go swimming
why don't you just get the lid from RM atv???it's called a TPI valve it also has a filter in it.and for 17.99 it would work great and you can close it too.

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ok the link won't work with their page security but the part # is TPILB just type that in the parts keyword search. positive how it goes together though.
Tried the TPI Valve. I was pretty pissed after I found out the darn thing is only a 2.5"x2.5" square. Pretty simple idea...sent it back though. Our airbox lids are not completely flat. This valve would have to mount flush to the lid in order to reap all of the benefits that it's designed to give you. I'm thinking about experimenting with a standard car/truck filter. Does carry stock boxes that I could purchase to play around with?
You can get them ther or Service Honda.($21 for the box and lid)
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