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Modifying mudlites for better mud traction?

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Ok I got somewhat of a problem. Well not exactly a problem but I want to improve on something and want some input.

I love my mudlites. they are an awesome tire. They are great for all my trail riding and work around the house and riding on the road etc.. Very smooth and pull really good.


I was trying to think of a way to make them dig a little better in mud. they have been doing fine but they could do better I think.
I have this one mud pit in my back yard (will in the woods) that is made over a spring. So it stays wet no matter what. But the problem is the spring part keeps getting deeper and deeper and the part around it is still hard bottom but slick on top of it (12 or so inches). Think of a bowl with steeper edges and thats what it has become.
Now im to the point where I have to winch myself out almost every time. Matter of fact I cant get out but on one side if I can even get out on that side no matter how hard I work it.

1. I love these tires for everything else and I ride alot of trails (hardpacked and logs, hills, etc..) so I dont really want to get another set of tires like outlaws or anything like that.

On to my point.
We have cut tires for trucks before to give them better traction on rocks etc.. but Im wondering if I can do this to the mudlites to make them dig better without killing all there good hardpack characteristics.
We have done things like this on TSLs' and stuff before but never an atv tire

Here is my idea

This is a edited image of my tires when they were new.
Im thinking about taking off the front most portion of the center section where the smoother ride is attained.
1. think this will make them dig better in the mud ?
2. think they will ride alot worse out of the mud like this?

It would be basically adding a void and a straight edge to grab and dig.

give me your thoughts
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put on some chains, I got a set of chains on stockers and they rip up everything and love to dig
i dont think that little bit of cutting is going to help but you could always try.
Well, when we ride its trails and mudholes scattered, I wouldnt want to run chains on the trails and I wouldnt want to be taking them on and off.

I guess Ill just keep going the way it is. Maby try my idea to see if it helps a little.

Only other option would be to swap out to another good trail tire that does better in the mud and is still light. Maby Outlaw MST's or something.
How do they compare?
a tire like the mst is the swamp witch. i have seen them in action and they do really good for a mud/trail tire so you might want to look into them also they are a little cheaper then the mst but are basicly the same tire. i do not know how much they weigh though.
500Foreman, i have thought of the same thing. I wonder if it would work also.
nothing ventured nothing gained moma always says let us know if it works love my mudlites for the trail but they do do tend to get stuck but what the hey thats why we paid top dollar for winches
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