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Mississippi guys...

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any of you guys ride at Timberlanes? or when is the next mudbog goin to be? around jackson area..
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i ride at timberlanes just about an hour away from you,i live in brookhaven
thats cool! i travel alot and never know when im not goin to be home.. so me and some friends might go some time around new years??
The next mud bogg is at redcreek. Dec 30,31,01. Should be a ton of people there. Timberlanes is a little far for me.
just found out there is goin to be a group tryin to get together at Timberlanes on new years eve..... im goin to try to show up..
i dont think illl be able to ride on new years eve our family always get together on new years eve lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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