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Mississippi Gulf Coast

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How many of yall are from the coast? At or around Bay St. Louis, Gulfport area. Just wondering, i was looking for new places to ride. I know about red creek and canal rd. Thanks
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yup i live in long beach i mostly ride at them places to but most of the time go out of state for event like mad nats arena bog mudmania and other types of events that have good payouts and lots of ridin area
I know this topic is kinda old, but we found a place in woolmarket about 5 miles north of I-10 off hwy 67. Let me know if you want directions...
I have been to that place off of 67, if your talking about that golf course. Its pretty cool, its something different.
Yeah thats the place. Im not really sure how its supposed to be a golf course though. Its got something for everyone, and its something new, at least to us
Yeah the story is that a guy was trying to build a golf course before the hurricane. Then after Katrina it fell through or something and now he lets people ride out there. If its the same place you are talking about. Is it real hilly and has alot of clay?
Yeah thats the place Im talking about. Well that story makes a little more sense.
anyone been to scenic trails since it reopened? or what about sand hill?
yea ive been to scenic trail its only got about 1/8th of the property it had before the storm, now there barely any mud and the trails just suck, when fema went and took over that place they messed it up real bad. but where is this golf course thing
The golf course: Take I-10 to the Woolmarket exit, not sure what exit number it is but it says woolmarket. Head north once your off the exit, this is hwy 67. Go through the stop sign. Keep going about 5 miles. It maybe a little futher im not exactly sure. Youll go around a sharp curve to the right. A little futher up is a shooting range on your right. The street directly across from the shootin range is Old Woolmarket Rd. Take this left. Youll pass a school and the road will get pretty windy. About 2 miles down youll see all the hills and clay on the right
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