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missing member?

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Does anyone know what happneded to big_daddy_bigfoot. I enjoy his posts and reviews, but i havent seen him on here in a while, and he wont answer any PM. I say this because he was supposed to buy some rims of mine but now i cant get a hold of him.
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he is on high lifter forum
And what happened to Railroader????? He was the largest poster for a long time until he became a moderator and disappeared.
He sold his and her quad. He's been real busy I read on another post.

Big Daddy Bigfoot was banned for the fight he and BDRDForeman got into in the News and Announcements under BDRDForeamns post about his quad is on the front page of the site. The fight was deleted it looks like. They were both banned. I talked to BDB on Highlifters forums chat late the other night. He said he emaild both Robb and Truegrit I think it was and he had not gotten an email back.
railroader was funny as ****. last summer he bought a jeep and was going to fix it up and sold his bikes.
I\'m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
big daddy i thought u was gone man.. o well looks like we got one membetr back...
yay i was wondering what happened to you, glad to see you are back.
I got booted but I'm back, just call me Mr. Clean now!!
QUOTE ("big_daddy_bigfoot":3jhvi476)
I got booted but I'm back, just call me Mr. Clean now!!
Welcome Back!
How much did you have to pay to get back on?

Sorry........couldn't resist.

Great to have you back!
ha ha thats good, i wonder if anyone else will catch on to that
I paid $20 bucks and a slap on the wrist!!! LOL just kidding. It's funny you know who the real diehards are when you know what you two are talking about!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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