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Milemarker Cleaning

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I had some time yesterday to take my winch off my Foreman to clean her up a lil bit.
It dont take but a min or two to get the winch off. I was goin to take the blue amsteel off and put a grey masterpull rope on there. But the allen set screw is rounded off and so now i dont know what to do.
I went ahead and took the winch completly apart. Got all the gears out and cleaned them with brake and parts cleaner. That stuff hurts when it gets in your eyes!! Got all of them good and shinning. Then got a tube of Premimum grease and got to work. I filled the "gear box" up and put some on the bushings on the drum.
Took the motor apart and got all the water and grit out of it with electrical parts cleaner.
Got it all put back together and bolted back up to my foreman. Turned the switch on and bammm.. That thing is quieter than a mouse now.
i guess they didnt put enough grease in them?

Im supprised the only plastic in this winch is lil spacers for the gears and the T-handle for the clutch.

I love it!
Later guys!
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What kind of winch do you have? And have you ever had problems going under water and it not wanting to work?
Milemarker PE3500 $229
It has been workin better than i thought. It has been used under water and under mud. I was curious to see how much dirt and junk had gotten into the motor and gears. To my suprise it had a lil water in it, no sand or grit in the grease. But i packed it full of some grease i got from my brother. When it was new it made some horrible loud noises when under load. But i inspected every gear tooth in the winch and all of them had 0 wear. Looked brand new. Well it is about 7months old. Just wanting it to last longer than my Foreman.
If anyone is lookin for a winch and dont want to pay the $$$ for a warn, but then again dont want a cheap winch. Check out Milemarkers 3500, it is the same size as the 3000 and it fits inbetween the headlights on a Foreman perfectly.

Any more questions?

Later guys!
Thanx for the info... My 650 Rincon wont mount on the front.. It needs to be mounted under the front end. Does this model come with the exact mounting bracket for a specific bike? The Venom 3500 only has mounting brackets for the Rubicon. I dont want to have to modify this when I get it.
sorry i didnt say that right....

it mounts under the front end...
and i made the winch mount. very simple!
ill get a pic in a second.
here is a close up of my front tow hook and where the winch is mounted

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... pg&.src=ph</a>

View from in the right fender well.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... pg&.src=ph</a>
Well.. parts came in today, and now are installed. Thank god that it came with the 650 Rincon mounting plate. All that is missing is the winch. I am completely confused with all of them out there...and talking with all of the guys out here with different winches..AAAAGH
im goin to say go with MileMarker PE3500!! For $229.95 You cant beat it! And if you have any problems with it Milemarker customer service is bar none! but thats just my opinion.

Got a friend with a 2wd rancher he has a 3.0 Warn, another one has a Grizzly with a 2.5 Warn.. They are ok.. but i havent found anything that will out pull it. The only thing i dont like at times is, it is pretty slow. But if you get it in a bind, it wont slow down.

Let me know what ya get... im interested.
I will, and thanx. I am ordering the winch ( still undecisive ) by Monday. I am beating my head...and my fingers on here.. trying to get a resolution.
yea man i feel for ya,, there are just so many choices, its not funny.

But let us know what you decide.
Hummmdada humm did tat diditummmm.............................SOLD to the indecisive idiot asking too many questions. $229.00 huh. OK, I will go wtih this one. Does this have plastic gears? I seem to remember you talking about cleaning it and something about " plastic ". Or does it seem to be well put together on the inside..beings you have seen the guts of it.
The ONLY plastic in this winch is these lil spacers(look like washers) in between the Metal Gears(all gears are metal and the housing that the gears are in for the gear reduction are all metal). I guess they are there to keep the metal to metal contact down some? And the other piece of plastic is the T-handle that you engage the clutch with..

If ya got anymore questions, just holla..
hey rincon let me know how you like that winch I really need one but not sure on what to get. The winch or hmf with jet kit
Shouldn't be that much longer. Will keep everyone advised.. Thanx
now if it would only rain so we have some mud to get stuck in

Good choice cant wait to hear the review
I love my Mile Marker. They were out of the 3500 around Cristmas, so I got the 3000. No complaints here. But as nonnie said it does sound odd when under a load. Its not the fastest winch, but it very slows down or gets hot under a load.

As far as the mounting plate, Rincon 650, you will have to drill the bracket out for the 3 mounting holes. But it is very easy since the plate is aluminum. I can help you if you run into probs, wiring, mounting or whatever...
Thanx Truegrit..Unfortunately..I have already mounted the mounting plate , and It is unfortunately behind the front bash plate. This means that it all has to come off to properly drill and mount the winch. But thats OK.. I want it mounted and running great.. No crappy riging done here. I will keep ya'll posted and send pics as the instalation process goes. Thanx guys.
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