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Mile Marker Winch?

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Is anyone using the 3500 Mile Marker winch? For $200.00 it seems like a good deal.
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I was asking the same question about 6 months ago on the Rincon section. Someone on here has one and SWEARS by it. Easy to maintain and built tough. Water and all. It seems like a good winch. Not one bad posting on it that I saw....If that helps,, Hopefully he will pipe up and get with you..
When mine worked there was nothing better, I have a MM3000. Water has never been a problem. I am just not a fan of the corded remote. I prefer the Warn mini-rocker.

I have had a few electrical issues, but I think I discovered the problem. And it should be corrected by the weekend.
I was looking at the PE3500.I like the 261:1 gear ratio vs. WARN'S 136:1,That should make a big difference on the amperage draw.I bet it's a really slow puller though.But for the price I think I'll go ahead and order one.It will be a couple weeks before i get to install it though.I already have the WARN multi-mount and WARN wiring kit that I'll be using.
They pull slow, That helps keep amp draw and heat down, and they do make some aweful noise as well. But it willl pull and pull.
I heard the MM winches have steel gears instead of plastic like WARN.Maybe that is why they're so noisey.
Truegrit, was your electrical problem?
QUOTE ("deadmullet":7d6kltqy)
Truegrit, was your electrical problem?
LLLLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG story, it was self inflicted, but I'll never admit it.

I am 100% now (or should I say so far...) after a couple calls to Warn of all places. I will be ready to drag that big 'ol Grizz and that 2wd 450 out of the mud Sunday, no probs.
i hav a 2500 on mine & i hooked up a warn mini- rocker on it & i luv it.
mile markers

had a 2500 on my forman for a year run a 800 on my jeep and used thme for 8 years in the tenth mountain division a mean winch not fast built strong and reliable
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