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might got a recon but its a honda

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hey new on this web site, i just put some new pics in my sig id like to know what yall think thanx
1 - 16 of 16 Posts got a sweet looking recon " title="Applause" />
welcome......thats the baddest recon that I have ever seen, and I think i saw you at mud mania on it
That Recon is ridiculous. I love it!
Sweet bike, welcome to the site.
Hey man that is cool. How does it turn them Laws?
Dang, sweet. welcome. how'd you get em to fit?
I do believe that is the baddest lookin' Recon i've ever seen. Very nice.
I bet you turn a lot of heads with that ride there.
itll turn pretty good it will bog in the really thick stuff and when i put them on i did a good bit of trimming
baddest recon i have ever seen i do believe
welcome bad a$$ recon i believe i saw you at mud mania your recon was doing very well in that pit
NICE RECON!!! Does you engine have trouble turning those 28's?
thats not my recon but ive talkeed to the guy who owns it he put them on their as a joke so i would probably guess that it doesnt push them very well at all cause its stock
welcome..your recon looks sweet..I love that outlaw rockstar combo
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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