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Memorial Weekend Ride

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Where is everyone going to be ridding this weekend? I know in Crosby there is going to be a massive ride on Saturday. Anyone going to be there?
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i whould go if i was closer. we dont have much rides around here except for rides me and my family puts together.
We are riding at our spot in Illinois how far from Quincy are you?
prolly a thousand miles, its in south texas
QUOTE ("selah86":24qd3kx7)
prolly a thousand miles, its in south texas
I figured that lol I was talking to rubyandforeman.
yeah i knew that.... i just posted incase anyone else was wondering.......
Illinois People

Do any of the Illinois folks get down to Shawnee National Forrest and do any riding?
I'm here is Des Moines, IA... I wouldn't mind meeting up with the Illinois guys and do some riding some time. Not much around here for places to ride. Have a buddy with about 80 acres... thats it.
here is a pic of me stuck!!! thats me in the back.

here is a pic of where we ride. this is just a drop in the bucket of how many people come out there everyweekend. prolly a few hundred every weekend.
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big daddy im bout 280 miles little over 4 hours

mhm2a- we got bout 4 times a year to ride horses and to ride quads..l
do you have any good places to ride rubyandforeman and big_daddy_bigfoot?
were u from. i got some good places.
yeah my cousin and I were talking about going out there. if you email me a map well see if we can make it sat night or sunday.
Check my site out guys it has Illinois riding places on it. We ride alot at Wilburns farm and go to St. Joe's in Mo 2 or 3 times a year. I would love to know of more places to add to my site. We travel a lot so you never know where we will ride next!
Re: Illinois People

QUOTE ("mhm2a":39853d2u)
Do any of the Illinois folks get down to Shawnee National Forrest and do any riding?
How much can you ride on?
really you have to ride outside of the forest cuz where we hunt at (down by glaconda) we only can ride the bikes down through a friends privte land and have to park outside of the forest. it would be nice to have more places to ride around here.
anybody have directions to crosby for beaumont.
hey coop i thought you just head toward houston and take the crosby exit right before you get into houston...and it right there...

from what i hear anyway...
big daddy u can ride all u want on the river to river trail its bad..
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