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mechanic help needed

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well went riding today and all was good after i replaced my u-joint...i was riding and i wraped the motor out in 1st then shifted to 2nd and i heard a sudden rattle and the bike shut off, it didnt want to start for like 1 minute or so after a few tries i stopped then it started up and it had a rattle to it, tried riding it easy to the truck and along the way it just kept rattling about the same and then it slowly started to get more noticeable, then it finally had it in and rattled a whole bunch for about 5 seconds then it died tried cranking it and had nothing, like seemed the started wasnt even spinning or it might of been spinning but something else wasnt to get the bike to crank...everyone i was riding with said they thought it was the timing chain skipped or busted or something like that, the entire time i was getting towed back didnt hear anything funny sounding in the motor like as if something shattered or broke...the bike never lost any power when it first started doing that rattling and wasnt smoking at all so i have no idea....everyone said top end work or timing chain...any suggestions
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64 views and no one had anything to say...not even like dang that sucks or hope u get it running or anything u think it could be....i talked to a couple mechanics last night and they all said it sounded like the timing chain...where might this timing chain be located at in the bike? front of it i am thinking and also i think its behind the clutch but someone tell me more definate if u know and also what all needs to be done to get to it
that sucks big sweaty balls, i would agree it's more the likely the timing chain because if it had anything to do with drivetrain you should have still heard the rattle when being towed. like if something came loose in the rear end after replacing the u-joint, i have no idea where it's located ot how to replace it, still learning with my bike
One thing you could do is to remove the valve adjusting cap and turn the engine over with the pull-start rope and watch to see if the valves go up and down,if the valves aren't moving then it's most likely the timing chain broken.
i dont think there is a timing chain but there is a cam chain it is located behind the front crankcase cover.right behind the clutch.
well i drained the oil and when i took the filter cap off to take the filter out they had very small metal shavings in there...i then took the front crankcase off and the chain was there still so i have no idea, unless the chain skipped i dont know
can u turn the motor over by hand. and if u can is the valves moving.
you more then likely have internal problems if u see metal shavings in and around the oil filter, cracked piston skirt, spun bearing, cylinder liner let go, you might be able to go big bore kit if the cranks good, probily cheaper then going stock. any chance you over revved it or held it at high revs for a long time?
i also already tried to use the pullstart with no luck at all, doesnt even pull out, i am thinking maybe its gears but i shifted the bike into all the gears and rolled it back and fourth and didnt notice anything not to mention when being towed back i put it in a few gears to see if it would rattle and nothing then i stuck it in neutral and got towed in the rest of the way with no problems at all...well it was already bored out as much as it could possibly go, and yea if my memory comes back i prob took off good in first gear and shifted into 2nd at high rpms, could the gears be messing up?
do you have any compression? crank? connecting rod? wrist pin?

I ride hard without a lick of trouble. What are you doing to that machine? Good luck
i talked to a guy that works mechanic stuff on his off days and he says sounds like the wrist pin clips came loose...hopefully thats it but who knows
Oooooooo! That will screw up the bore! Can you get one of those fancy led flexible pen type flashlights down in the spark plug hole to get a look-see?
anyone know if highlifter springs and the shocks for a foreman 500 will fit a rancher 420? or for that matter anything off a 500 fit on a 420
don't no if the parts will fit but it would be worth a try.let us know if they fit.
yea i will, i am just going to take off what i can off my 500 and see if it will fit a 420, anyone know if you could take the pod light off a 500 and make it fit onto a 420 handlebars? haha i think it would look really funny and cool, everyone be thinking u have a baby foreman and its a rancher with a pod light, not to mention if u have a red rancher and put a yellow foreman pod light on the bike, haha that would be funny
Are you going to part the Foreman?
I'll buy rear springs/shocks from ya.
thinking about it, i heard about a guy that buys old bikes and uses them for parts, he runs a small mechanic shop out of his garage on his days off
Why don't you give the guys here a shot first?
go easy man i am gonna part out all that i can on here first then on highlifter then it goes to that guy
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