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Mechanic HELP !!! Fourtrax 350 2004

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Hello everybody! I'm from Quebec, and I usually speak french... so it can be normal that I make some mistake in my text.

During a ride, my display screen stop to work... complete failure, same the orange back light didn't work.

Fortunately that the atv can runby himself because I was very far in the mountain...

So now I'm come back, but my screen is always broken.

A friend said to me that it was maybe my batterie. It has a lot of sense because when I tried to start the ATV the day of the expedition, the batterie was completely died. It's bizarre becaus the week-end before, the batterie was OK...

Well I finally buy à brand new batterie, but I didn't install, maybe on the next weekend.

After that, my friend said to me, that maybe that it's just à little fuse who burned.

So I buy somes new fuses (always usefull to keep for spare), and I hope that it will stop my problem... (I will check that on the next weekend to...)

So, what do you think about that, dear friends? I hope that it is not my screen board who is burned... or maybe the regulator??

Thanks for your help
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Re-title your post for "Honda Mechanic HELP". I'm sure he would give you the best correct answer.
Ok, thank you for the information
no problem...I'm sure you will get some action now.
Good Luck!
Do the LED's for neutral , reverse, and oil still work ...?
Yes, the LED's are OK. Does it mean something good for me ????
Only 250 Miles on my ATV... a brand new one
If the LED's are working then the coupler is probably not the trouble ..
What is a ''coupler''?

This word didn't appear in my english-french dictionnary.

And if it is not the trouble, what can it be else?
Please help me before friday if possible
The coupler is the connector .. If the LED's work then the connector is probably good..
Sounds like it's going to be the display.
oh no! I hope it doesn't cost a lot
I check every thing, and I finally conclude that it is the dislpay who is in trouble.

How much for a brand new display? A friend said to me arround 100$... is it true?
Here is a good place to look for the part you need:
Good Luck!
I had already look this web site... but I don't know what is the exact pieces...

please can you check for me for my 2004 HONDA TRX350FM in the section for METER...

METER, COMBINATION ....... 37200-HN5-671 ...... $135.11

Is this what I need?
You may wish to contact your dealer but I think that is the part you are looking for.
37200-HN5-671 sells for $269.03 here in Canada ...
QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":3fwepuy3)
37200-HN5-671 sells for $269.03 here in Canada ...

It is stealing!!!! Twice the price!!!!

Maybe I should command of USA
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