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maxxis bighorn?

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has anyone had an experience with the maxxis bighorn? i've been looking at theses for my450s. i really don't know what would be the best tire for the riding i do. i live right next to train track so i do a lot of riding on gravel. (to the trails) i want a tire thats gonna last a bit cause i think gravel weares tires out faster.this tire looks like it would be good and last longer.any suggestions? all would help greatly.
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Those are great trail tires. You may want to look into SureTrac and Holeshot ATRs. If your riding a lot of hardpack, gravel rocky trails.
you guys see highlifter came out with a new outlaw tire
outlaw mst

man thanks for the heads up on the outlaw tire, that looks like a good tire for all around. only think is they don't have my sizes yet. but i still have a bit of tread on my dunflops. so i can wait for more sizes to be avail.
Travis thats just a fancied up Swamp witch. I would get the old swamp witch over the HL tire, and use the diff in $$ to buy other stuff.
r they that much more?
I have not looked fo rthe price but if they say Highlifter they have to be more.
its only a 1 inch lug on there so mud bugs are cheaper and have a bigger lug
Bighorns are said to have an extremely good ride quality, but I am still trying to find someone that tested them in snow........
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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