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Maxxis 4x4

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Hey guys, I am looking at the Maxxis 4x4's for my Foreman and was trying to figure out which ones I need! HELP!!!!!

12x7.0 4/110 -47
12x7.0 4/136 -47
12x7.0 4/110 +15
12x7.0 4/156 +15
12x7.0 4/136 +15

I know I need 12", but WTF is the rest of this stuff?
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the 4 is how many studs,the 110 is the bolt pattern in mm, the + an - are offset.
You need 2 of each of the following :

12x7.0 4/110 -47
12x7.0 4/110 +15

These have the same bolt pattern as your Foreman .
thanks man!
Ah Maxxis 4x4s. One of the best looking ATV wheels in the market. And I don't say this because I own a set but because they look really sweet.
those look awesome man, love those maxxis 4x4s
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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