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Maximum Tire Size For an 05 500

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Does anyone know that maximum tire size for an 05 500? It looks like a lot of guys have 26's. I want some tall skinnys, I don't want the extra width. I'm leaning towards the ITP Mud Lites. If anyone else has these tires on their machine I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks!
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Well i know robbs 02 has 27's on it and dosent rub dont know why a 05 would.
I have seen one with 28 Outlaws but it had a lift. Dano has 27s w/ no lift (I think) 27s Would be the max w/o a lift to not rub, I would think.
florida wheeler i have 27x12 vampires on rear 28x10 edls on the front no problem yet
well I ordered a set of 27" gators and rims, they should be here in a few days. I hope they fit without a lift. I will let yall know.
I have 26 Mudlites and they work great. I did about 30 miles of GA red clay trail riding and was pleasently surprised by the ride. I did a good but of mudding with no trouble except when I set in on the frame.
I believe 27's would fit by they would be tight on the rears.. Worst case scenario, you could trim the fenders lightly.
I just put 27" itp 589's and they fit perfectly.
i have a 2001 honda rancher 2x4 and i bought rear itp mudlites not xtr about 6 months ago for my atv they take me anywhere i want to go i can go through a 3 foot deep creek nothing but mud and make it out with ease i love them. i have ridden on the road for about 80 miles on them
and they still take me anywhere. if i was you i would buy them. there awesome.
I have 28" mudbugs. with the help of a heat gun mine doesn't rub even when I ride some one.
Have a set of 27" ITP MudLite XTRs and don't have any rubbing or anything.

Pretty close fit in the back though and with a rider they might actually rub a little on the rear fender, but nothing a little trim wouldn't fix.

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29.5s here with no rear lift!
Bnjeep... Did the 27" mud lites 589 continue to work well. I'm looking to get the same. It's there any place to get the best deal? A friend / dealer says they are about $110 each at his price.
Mudlites or 589's? They are different tires.

I have 27" Titan 589's on my 09 Foreman. I have it lifted now, but ran them for awhile without the lift and they were fine.

This thread was from 2006 so doubt you'll get a response from the OP
I'm in the process of rebuilding my foreman and deciding wether to keep it or sell it. What kind of problems do you y'all run into when running big tires and playing in the mud? I don't want a fourwheeler that's going to break as much as my brute force did.
How big a tire are you going to run? I've run 27's since 2010 and the only problem I've had is the one I sank (had to put new piston and rings in the top end).

Other than that I have had ZERO issues with any of my machines. We ride in Mississippi River bottom gumbo, so it's hard on any kind or machine, but I haven't had any problems yet. Have 1500 miles each on the two 09's, and probably haven't put but 200-300 on the Project (06).

It's a Honda. They're boring but they don't break if you don't try to build a mosnster truck out of them.
I have some 28" mega meyhems I just bought for it, probaly won't go any bigger for awhile because I'm broke now though, could I clear then without a lift?
On an 09? Probably going to have to trim some. I ran my 27 589's with no lift, but it was close.

Stick them on there and see. A lift or some trimming is a lot cheaper than new tires!

ETA. Get a perfex lift. Make it ride better and you should be able to clear the 28's without any problem with a lift on there.
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