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master cylinder rebuild

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has anyone ever rebuilt their master cylinder? if so, how difficult was it and do you have any good advice?
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I just rebuilt mine this weekend. Not real hard. The hardest part is getting that snap ring out. Just take everything out and put the new stuff in the same way. -Jason
Get a pair of snap ring pliers they are not expensive. Keep every thing clean, and lube the new parts with fresh brake fluid when you assemble it. Also be very careful not to get brake fluid on the plastic or painted surfaces.
I thought my master cylinder needed rebuilt to because my front brakes didnt work right. I had them apart many times.I even blead the brakes twice. What i found was that i didnt have the front brakes set up eonough. I have great brakes now and i didnt rebuild the master. It worked for me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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