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Manual fan switch

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I have seen several people list that they have a manual fan swich on their bike. I have a 2004 Foreman 450ES, but it does not have a manual switch. Is this needed? My fan comes on occasionally once the motor starts getting hot. What is the purpose of a manual switch? Does anyone have a link to where I can get one if they are needed?
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It is not needed, just another way of turning the fan on off by a toggle switch. Look down a few post it shows one way to hook it up.
Going down to your fan is two wires & a vent pipe. There's one blue wire & 1 green wire. Tee into the blue wire as high up as you can & waterproof it. The wire that you tee'd into, run it up to the pod, as this is where you will mount the toggle switch & connect the wire to toggle switch. On the other terminal of the toggle switch run a wire back near your battery & mount a 15amp waterproof inline fuse protector. On the other side of the fuse protector, run that wire to the positive side of your battery and your all set.....
So it is not needed? I don't want to put something on the bike unless it is needed. What would the purpose be for it. Should the fan be on when mud riding? Should it be off if I am in deep water or something like that?
manual fan switch

PM'd ya.
I'm kinda curious on the answer to this question as well, would this be benifical when mud bogging? or plowing snow?
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I'm kinda curious on the answer to this question as well, would this be benifical when mud bogging? or plowing snow?
it would help whenever you atv is being worked hard.
mine is set up alittle different then what everyone else is running. I have a 3 position toggle switch that lets me turn the fan off when entering deep water, turn it on when I feel the bike is getting warm or put it back in the factory setting and let the temp sensor turn it on. Mine has yet to come on by the temp sensor with the relocated cooling system on the front rack.

If your plowing I would think the factory setup would be enough. But if you feel the bike is running warmer than you want it to. The manual switch would help you out.

when mudding and the radiator gets plugged, you need all the help you can get to keep the oil cool and the bike from overheating until you can find somewhere to clean it out.
The manual fan overide is very helpful if your oil temperature switch fails and does not turn on your fan. My father-in-law had this happen to him and the gas in his gas tank was bubbling from the excessive heat, because his fan would not come on automatically. You may not need it much, but when you do need it you will be glad you have it. Just a suggestion if you temp sensor fails.
I mow grass with my 04 450 es. I pull a 64 inch mower behind mine & my fan comes on after about 30 minutes of grass cutting but I go real slow. I can unhoock my mower run around the yard fast & it will kick off.
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