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manual fan override

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Anyone have any detailed instructions on how to do this procedure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks alot in advance..
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Parts Needed:
Medium Duty Toggle Switch With Rubber Protector
Waterproof Inline Fuseholder 15amp
Gelfilled Wire Connectors

Coming off of your fan are two wires and a vent tube, a blue and a green wire. The blue wire is the hot wire and you will tee into this one.
Tee into the blue wire as high as you can go up and seal that connection. Run that wire to your toggle switch that is mounted usually somewhere on the handlebars.
Run the other side of the switch to your inline fuseholder in your battery compartment. Run the other side of the fuseholder to your positive side of your battery.
Install the fuse and your ready to go.
Toggle the switch and the fan will run. Doing it this way leaves the thermostat in place electrically and it can still turn on the fan if your not running it manually.
Remember to waterproof all of your connectors.I used the gelfilled connectors and they do a nice job and are waterproof.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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