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Making wheel studs

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Im going to start making studs for foreman 500 because apparently
they cant be bought.I broke one and i guess i have to buy the whole
hub i cant just buy the stud alone.The hub is $98 up here just to buy
the same junk broke in the first place.Any info on aftermarket ones
would be greatly appreaciated.
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look into ARP Studs <a href="" target="_blank"></a> they gotta have something you can use.
try getting some other honda studs because others will work.
Thanks for feeback guys

Called a local small gas repair shop to see about studs for my honda
he fixes from lawnmowers to motorcycles every make and model and he told me to bring my stud in to see if he could find a match
when i arrived at his shop there sitting on the counter was the genuine
made in japan still in the package matching stud i was looking for
gave him $5 ordered 4 more for spares told me they would be in wednesday while the honda atv shop told me i had to buy the whole hub
at $98 and it would take a week or more to get it. go figure!
Glad to hear things worked out for the good, there is always more then one way to skin a cat. LOL Or in this case, fix a good ol' Honda.
greenwing what shop told you that you'd have to buy a whole hub to get studs ..?
Could you post the number off that "genuine, made in Japan, still in the package" stud ?? It would be good to have it for reference.
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