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Making a Snorkel

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I am currently making a snorkel for my bike. I've cut the plastics and trimmed most everything minus the front fender where the snorkel will exit between the racks. I have 1.5" Flexpipe(I know, it's a bit small) that I'm running up to the top oil cooler. Then I have a "Y" pvc pipe (1.5") that will allow me to run two seperate flex pipe line to either side of the bike. Once it gets up to the front fender plastics, I'm running two crome exhaust tips to mimick smoke stacks. I saw a bunch of bikes with this setup at the Rabbit Run and they looked pretty sick. The onley pipes I've found are 2"-2.25" which fit around the piping. I'm going to need to find a way to get them secure to each other. The tips will reach slightly over the handle bars.

I've fit everything up to the y pipe. Wednesday I'm going to test fit the flex pipe and see what else I'm going to need. Most likely a straight piece of pvc. I'll get pics but I'm doing this slowly. I'm trying to hold off on riding it until next Friday when I get my paycheck. Then I can get the pipe, filter, and right jetting all at once. Then start saving up for the 27" Laws!

Any ideas are welcome. Just thought I'd throw out my ideas.
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i was reading through your post then i saw that your bike is only 2WD, how come you are snorkleing it?
why not? most of the time when im using my snorkel i'm in 2wd doing a water wheelie....only time i use 4wd is in deep mud
why would you need 4Wd in water? I've had the thing floating and still no need for 4WD. 2WD will get it on these bikes.

But anyways, I ran the 1.5" flex piping ad it cut out on me at higher RPM's while riding at Grant. so I disconnectied it and ran an open box for the rest of the day. I tried to redo it with 2" PVC but ran out of time. hopefully that should solve it.
2" is a little harder to run around the tank but if you go 2" all the way = more power!!!
ihad the same problem when i run the 1.5 so now i am runnin a y pipe after a come out of the airbox and run 2 1.5 snorkels should run good that way
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