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make my bike more waterproof!!

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Got the snorkle on, that keeps the air box dry, got the die electric grease in the spark plug boot, that helped a ton!! But im still getting water in the carb, I had it really deep today, had to jump off and tread water (man it was cold), it was bad, it finally stalled in the water. Got to an island, was able to get her running, but rough, with the choke opened, drove to shore, drained some junk from the carb, and it was running good, drove about 1/4 mile, dead, changed the plug, messed with it a little, cranked up, drove another 1/4 mile dead again, check the spark - good, tapped the carb a little, ran fine then, another 1/4 mile dead again, couldnt get it running again. Towed it in to my truck, got home, cranked right up..what do you think it is??

The 2 vaccum lines on the carb, are Tee'ed and a single line up to the snorkle.

Yeah I couldve bought a boat, but this is much more fun!!!
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Thats better than what happened to me. I was crossin' some water & it got a little to deep. It died right there in about chest deap water. Sucked water in my motor. I thought it was a goner. I changed the oil & filter at least 10 times. The oil was real milky at first, but the more I changed the oil, the clearer the oil became. It became very expensive. It runs just as good as new. I will never cross water again with out checkin' how deep it is. Lesson learned the hardway. Good luck with your fix.
Robb thats weird it started when u got home something fishy there.
Let me know if you need help with it.

Oh did ur brother have a good time
gas tank

Might want to drain the gas in your gas tank. It could have gotten water back up in it somehow.

Also...check your seal on the airbox lid. If you notice...I have a filter on TOP of my snorkel. That is because my airbox is completely sealed up...100%. There is no filter in my airbox because that airbox lid seal is a common failure point when trying to waterproof the quad. I would not feel safe going deep on any ATV that has an air filter in the box and a removable air-box lid. I don't trust the seal that much.

You might want to consider sealing up the airbox permanently and putting a filter up on top of your snorkel.
Yeah I have a feeling I have water in my gas tank as well. I dont know if its possible, can water go in through the gas cap vent tube?? Cause that was wet for sure.
My air box always stays bone dry, Ive only ever gotten a few drops of water in there, im pretty comfortable with how its performing.
I think I couldve gotten some water up the carb drain vent, I need to rig a quick way of closing that tube.
Yes - if your gas cap vent was in water you definitely got water in your tank. Just drain it and you should be fine.

I poured about 1 oz. of "Marvel Mystery Oil" in my gas tank and my oil after I flipped it in the water once. This was after I flushed out the oil and the bad gas of course. It has never skipped a beat since.
You may want to plug off the carb drain. Those check valves fail a lot. Plug it with a golf tee while riding and remove it while transporting or storing. That may solve the problem. Because it sounds like you have debris/water in the carb. You can run the gas tank vent along with you snorkle, but with the heighth of the bend that it has stock, that hose would have to be submerged to let water passed.

My money is on the carb drain.
Yeah that gas vent was totally submerged. But I think I am getting water up that carb drain..I was looking around today at the hardware stores trying to find something to close it off, some kind of valve. As long as its safe to keep it plugged while I am riding though I will just take your suggestion.
Some people put small ball valves on them. Just remember to open it when you are done riding.
block the overflow tube hanging off the bottom of your carb with a golf tee or screw, also re-route your crankcase breather tube up over your carb instead of it running straight down from the airbox to your motor, it will save alot of headaches if you sink it.
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