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Hi everyone,

I am new to ATV's and I don't have any manuals that came with my bike.

I would like to know what are some small things I can do to keep my bike running good.

Any little things that you do after every ride that keep your bike looking and running good?

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Wash it... The more you get the crud off of the moving parts ( carb levers, break cables, caps, ect.. ) the easier it will be to maintain it. I wash it and spray Tire Wet on it and it still looks and runs like new. The 650 has 1200 miles and is almost 4 years old. Just wash with soap and spray it down will keep moving parts good and preserve the plastic..
its no difference than a car or truck, do a regular maintanance on it. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. As far as the rest goes, just do a routine inspection of the bike after each ride looking for worn or damaged parts, bearings, brakes, tierod ends etc. Depending on your style of riding we depend on the type of maintainance needed to be done. example if riding in alot of water and mud, it will require the fluids to be change more often to keep it from getting contaminated. If just trail riding, the air filter will be the main thing to watch, keep it clean and replace as needed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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