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Has anyone on this site used it for a while and had any bad effects....or does it seem like it is a good thing?

I am thinking of getting it for my 2002 Foreman 450, but I don't want to blow the motor or something.

Has anyone heard of any bad problems it may cause?

Give me some info....before I purchase.

I did a search, but only came up with 1 post to read...and its mostly about where to get it...not the effects it has on the ATV....good or bad.

Thanks for any info.

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power box

hmm a power box for a foreman , sounds like something i need!! what does it do ?? is it an aftermarket cdi? DAVE
Yeah, I'm thinking of getting one also. I just wanted to find out if it would eventually cause problems by keeping the voltage constant at the max 15 volts. Will it cause the engine to get too hot or whatever. Wonder what adverse effects it would possibly have.
Burn out the top of the cylinder....who knows. That much spark constantly may cause problems. Maybe that is why the stock voltage fluxuates(spelling?) so much.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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