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Luggage Rack Paint Delamination

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I just purchased an 05, 500 Foreman ES about 3 weeks ago. Great machine, I'm loving it.
Only one concern though, it's only cosmetic, but the paint on my front & rear luggage racks is delaminating. It will flake off by running you finger nail on it and the metal is starting to corrode, looks like crap for a new machince. I am trying to get my dealer repaint or replace them, but they are giving me the run around.
Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Any advice?
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I have not had the paint peel off, but I have noticed rusty water coming out of the tubes in a few spots. The dealer should cover it, but it will take you being persistant to say the least. ATV dealers get very stand-off'ish when it comes to anything dealing with possible water damage.

Good luck.
my paint has come off but thats from running into people and trees
I've got the same problem with my Foreman racks. Seems like after every wash the rust appears from no where! The darn thing will be completely clean one day and when you come out the next you can see where the rusty water has leaked out. Any idea where it's coming from or a possible fix?
Can you seal off the ends of the tubes or anything?
I think there are weep-holes in the bottom of the rack to let water drain, otherwise they would rust inside out even quicker.
I got that same problem since my wife flipped my baby into a pond, it is always dripping rusty water, so any open tubes I am squirting in some grease to help stop water from getting in the openings. But that will probably bite me in the butt too. Oh I also shoot some wd40 in the opening to try to push out the water.
Mine is delaminating. But its from hooking crap to it and scratching it. I have tons of rusty water leaking out of mine. I'm thinking of having it line Xed.
Rwas89. I would recommend that you insist on having your racks replaced, under warranty. Unless those racks are sand blasted to bare metal and the coating process is started from scratch they will never be right. Sounds to me like the metal was not etched properly to begin with. If the dealer tries to just touch them up they will only postpone more and worse peeling in the future. There had to be some problem in the coating process from the factory for you to be able to scratch the paint of with your fingernail. If you can’t get any satisfaction from your dealer I would call Honda. As for the rust inside the rack goes that is a hard problem to solve because the tubes inside are bare metal to begin with. As long as water gets in they are going to rust and sealing up the weep holes will only make them sweat and or trap more moisture inside and before you know it they will rust through from the inside out. Good luck!
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QUOTE ("raveer2000":pu5h8yef)
I'm thinking of having it line Xed.
I'd be careful of the line-x and rhino lining. A friend of mine done that and it proved to be pretty painful to passengers and to some of your equipment. Coolers don't seem to last very long being strapped tightly to it. Just what I've seen.
QUOTE ("Rubicon3303":ppd4a9gt)
my paint has come off but thats from running into people and trees
I can see trees, but people. And you hit them hard enough to make the paint come off
I think he means the racks of other ATVs. I know I have a dent in my rack fom a certain Rubicon.
whoops was that me
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rusty racks

I just bought a foreman 500 about 8 days ago, I was searching for different mods when I came across this forum. I was riding today when
I noticed rusty water on the plastic under the back rack. There is no weep holes in the rack after further inspection I noticed the rust must be comming from the flattened bar the runs under the seat and mounts to the frame if not there then there must be a crack in some of the welds on the rack. I am a little worried that the rust may find its way into the frame of the bike what should I do.

If the paint comes off with your nail then it wasen't painted properly to begin with. If the dealer refuses to replace the racks or send them out to be painted first talk to the service manager then the owner. Document this then call Honda, make sure to get names. As far as rust goes ,a lite mix of trani fluid and gear oil srayed into all the frame holes top to bottom should slow the rust forming. Idid it on my older bike. Just remember to unplug the vent tubes from the frame before you spray so you don't plug them with the mix.
I have the exact issue, hopefully it doesnt cause any bigger problems.
Thats happening to your new one Robb?
yeah it did, jus some rusty lookin water out of the top back rack.
I get the rusty water all the time, but no delamination.
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