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lubrication question

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does anyone know what needs to be lubricated with grease. i saw two places on my front brakes that has the inlet for a grease pump, does grease go there. i was also wondering about cv, axle, that kind of stuff.
i am not a mechanic but have done alot of small repairs and mods to my bike. thanks
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I beleive what you are seeing on the from brakes is the break bleed off valve (NO GREASE HERE) If it is like a car.
please invest in a service book for yourself you will be very glad you did.and do not grease those fitting looking thingies they are your brake bleeder for greasing.the front drum seals and the rear drums seals are to name a few right there but no there is no grease fittings that you just grease.the service book has a very descriptive list of the routine maintence and lubrication points fo your atv they are worth the money.
i will order the service book tomorow thanks for the info
Honda Service Manual TRX500FE/FM/TM # 61HP001 (may be 61HP000 but will come with book updates and new stickers to say correct book number) about $55.00 at dealer or online.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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