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LSD on a foreman 500??? am i correct

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i heard that the honda foreman 500 o5 and up and lsd front differential is this true??? i havent been able to try it but i know you have to hold the front brakes and have it four wheel drive and then us foreman are supposedly suppose to have like a mini locker! am i right or have i heard wrong??? the reason i ask is i have been debating on gettin a locker for some time now but if this lsd is tru why waste the money!!!
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your hearing rite. the front break trick works all right to get you out of a bind, but you cant beat a full locker in 4wd. like the DGL.
YEP, even little brother rancher has it too!
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YEP, even little brother rancher has it too!
ALL hondas have it
LSD? on a 4wheeler? that sounds crazy! i tried to drive on it a couple of times and literally freaked out. good luck
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lsd?would someone please explain what this is to me please
you know LSD (acid).. Oh man you can really have a blast when that stuff kicks in.. Hahahahah J/K
limited slip differential usually found in rear wheel drive vehicles. dont know the specifics but i think it engages both wheels when in 4 wd or atleast alternated between the left and the right
whats the brake have to do with it???im kinda lost
What happens is that they lsd causes the hondas to be a 3 wheeler instead of true 4 wheel drive at times because as soon as there is more resistance on one of the wheels that one stops and the other keeps gently applying your front brake when this happens it puts resistance on both wheels so it spins both of them.......... Basically if there is the same amount of resistance on both wheels then you will not have this problem .........that doesnt mean every time you hit a mud hole you are going to have to do it just when you notice that only one wheel is spinning then you can do it to get you out .........But as for the locker it is the next thing on my list to do to the 500 and 450
DGL is the way to go You'll thank yourself for it.
an open differential spins the tire with the least resistance now if i remember right a limited slip turns the tire with the most resistance ie:the tire with better traction
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