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LRD Torque

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Is the LRD torque a good pipe for foreman 500? How would it compare as far as loud and power to an HMF utility?
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my buddy had one, sounded awesome and lots of power. Thing fell apart though. Had to weld it a few times and it still came apart. He went with HMF
My HMF fell apart think they would make these things strong enough to take a **** of a beating! I want something different from HMF cuz it sounds good but to loud then when you put the quiet core in it sounds like a 50 dirt bike! I want something that has a nice low rumble with alittle power increase
Jgb your right on the loudness, of the HMF . i think i'm going to make my own baffle, to quiet it down, since i has a handle on my jet /a/f set up now after just installing a "Pipe".While i'm into it , so to speak !! I have a few idea's and some stainless tubing lying around!!
I put the LRD Torque pipe on my machine this spring, and I love it. Can't vouch for durability, since I have only had it 6 months, but it sounds mean, and it, along with the dynojet jet kit gave my foreman a real kick in the pants. Thinking of adding epi clutch kit. What kind of difference would it make to my machine. Love to ride in the mud.
How loud is it??
It has a deeper tone then the HMF, and not quite as loud, but it's still quite a bit louder than stock. As far as power,
me and 3 of my friends have lrd and we all love them and havent had any prob with them falling apart like said above. 2 of us ride very very hard alot and ours both look brand new with a lil cleaning. like said about it is deeper than the hmf and not as loud i think it sounds better myself .

hope this helps
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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