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LOud or raspy hme exhaust

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ok so i am about to buy some exhaust and i just wanted to make sure the hme exhaust is the best. If anyone could kinda describe what is sounds like would be nice. I just dont want it to sound raspy or high pitched
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do u mean HMF?
the HMF utility is a great pipe... i had all the same questions you did before buying it and it sounds really good. no complaints
woops i did mean hmf i was in a hurry typing at work
The Utility is probably the most obnoxious pipe I have ever heard.

I am not trying to steal your post or anything but I do have a Mudslinger I am selling. It is still to loud for where I ride though

I can email you a sound clip of the Mudslinger if you would like; good luck.
yeah that would be great i need all the help i can get
Give me your email address and I will send it to you.
nah... the utility pipe has a great sound! its only draw back is that its loud.
it is exactly what he is looking for, deep sound.
its just loud... thats all

the polaris exhausts are the anoying ones... those get raspy and loud
i have the HMF ecosystem on my rubi and it is not that much loader then stock but it is a much deeper stronger sound. and it has 95% of the power gains that u get from the utility series. i love my HMF.
yeah man go with the hmf, you won't regret it.

i have a bunch of clips on my site if you want to hear what mine sounds like...
I went with pro circuit +kn w/outerwear and jetted and gained a lot of bottom end with out losing top end. I went with just the slip on and am very pleased
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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