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loud knocking noise, no power

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This is my first post, but I have been lingering around here for a few month's. My question is my 450 is making a pretty good knocking noise. It seems located toward the front of the engine area. The valves have been adjusted, compression is good. One thing I noticed is if you put your hand infront of the snorkle that you kinda get a little bit of air blowing out, usually it is sucking. You can put a paper towel infront and it will suck it in, but then kinda blow it away. Also it has now power and it dosen't seem to run right. At WOT it sputters and bucks. I just recently put piston and rings in , ( had been smoking really bad since last summer). Also while I had the jug off, I checked the cam chain tensioner, it seemed ok, but I did notice that when installing the tensioner, that if I left it all the way out ( not retracting the tensioner ) that there wasen't much tension on the chain. Sorry for it being long winded, just wanted to give you as much info as possible. Thanks Dale
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the sucking in and out on the snorkel is normal at idle, once throttled up is will suck in more air. I would say your problem may be the timing chain, it may be stretched out or kinked causing the rattle. as you stated it didn't have much spring left in the tensioner on the rebuild.
Sounds familiar ! I have one apart right now with the same issues.The chain will become stretched and eventually jump a few teeth.This may explain the loss of power you are experiencing.Pull it down and check the chain for wear.FYI the new chain will cost you $ 122.00 from Honda... Good Luck !!!!!!

14401-HM7-003 001 $88.49

from here
Thanks Guy's, I was leaning that way, but wanted to make sure before going through all the work. I'll let you know.
Well I got some time today to pull off the front cover, boy what a job, and the verdict is in, Cam Chain. It is so loose that it actually jumps the sprocket in a couple of revolutions. The noise was comming from it actually hitting the head of a bolt. Is it common for the chain to get that loose? Well I guess it is time to order some parts. Thanks for everyone's help.
wear and tear over time it will just get looser and looser untill it gets changed
timing chain 99 honda foreman 450 es

D.I.D chain 42.59 from motor head toys on ebay that was with shipping to my door which took 2 days good luck I haven't put mine in yet but i hope that the chain and maybe the tensioner is all I need. it does sound awful. good luck
Well I finally got the old girl back together, and boy, she sounds much better. Just like she use too. Power is back, and runs very well. Thanks to all, for the help. This is a great site, full of knowledge. Thanks again. Dale
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