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loud grinding noise on take off??????Front coupler?????

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I am new to the 500's. I'll still ride my 450 untill it dies. However my buddy decided to upgrade tot he 500s. We went riding the other day and when he takes off the bike make this horrible griding untill he switches into second gear and the bike is moving pretty good. It does go away after the bike is moving. IF still and in gear and light throttle is giving it is almost like something is poping and grinding. Any ideas or common issues with these as I have to fix it for him.......he is no ace on the repairs part of the bikes. Thanks.
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maybe the front dff engaging and disengaging, try talking off in 4x4 see if goes away, only thing i can think of
any ideas?
Does it happen in 2x4 and 4x4?
Centrifugal clutch?
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