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Lost top speed

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After I installed the perfex it seemed like I lost a little top end speed. I only have about 100 miles and about 11 hours right now but when it was brand new, right after the break in I got on it to see how fast it would go and I could get it up to about 57 downhill. After the perfex and a few more miles it would go 55 downhill. Now at 100 miles and a new warn 3.0, i can only get it to about 51. Whats the deal, is it just the extra drag of being higher and a tad more weight from the winch? I thought these things were supposed to be faster after break in? Thanks for any help.
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I didn't even wait for the break-in.The first ride I hit 58mph on flat blaktop.Now with 70 miles on it and new 25" dirt devil tires it went 54 mph on the same road.I figured because the tires were heavier than the stock tires.
I wonder if it has to do with the way I broke it in. I broke it in pretty mildly and let it warm up before i gave it a lot of throttle. I also never maxed it out in the first 15 miles.
have you noticed your valves rattleing?? if you've done alot of riding on dusty, or muddy trails check you air filter..also check the air in your tires, the lower the airpressure the more drag they create....these are a few things that can affect your top speed..but i'm sure i've messed some..
thanks man, ill check those things and see if it affects it.
valves dont rattle and I added some air to the tires but it still wont go past 51. I wonder if it could just be the aerodynamics being affected by the lift and AP stick stoppers? Its just kinda annoying, i know the motor has plenty more its just the gearing being to low.
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