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Lost Key

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Hey - I can't seem to find the key for my 2002 honda 450 es. Anyone know how I go about getting a new key?

Do I have to replace the whole ignition?

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Hey Caper, I'm assuming you didn't write the key # down anywhere so that eliminates the easiest option. If you bought the Bike new you can call the dealer and ask if they have the key info on file, the bigger dealers keep them on file. There is supposed to be a key # somewhere on the ignition cylinder but it has to be removed to see it and may need to be disassembled also. Only other option is to replace the whole switch. In eitheer case when you get the new key it pays to write the # somewhere just in case.

Hope this helps. Good luck.
The dealer should have the key number on file. When I bought mine they wrote the number down on the paper work that I have filed away in a drawer, and they told me they also keep a record in case I loose a key and need to make one. When you do get a new key, keep a duplicate somewhere to avoid repeating the problem.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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