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Lost key, super dissapointment

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How screwed am I.

So I just got my 2007 Honda Foreman ES, got it home two days ago, all excited. Went out to start it up this afternoon for my first real ride and I cant find the key. I am really hoping that it turns up but I have searched and searched and cant find it. Had it this morning when I unhooked the trailer (trailer had toungue lock and key was on same ring). Now keys are missing, best I can figure I may have left the keys laying on the bumper or tonneau cover of truck and they fell of when I went to pick up my son. Guy I bought it from only gave me one key because he couldn't find the other one.

Im guessing I can do something through a dealer but the closest one to me is two hours away and is a small dealership and I'm betting its going to be costly. I read a couple places about finding them on Ebay but I cant find anything on there specifically for a 2007 Foreman. Any help is appreciated, I really want to ride this coming weekend.
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ya i lost my key i while back and if u go to a dealership it cost like $7 but if ur 2 hrs away ur gona spend more money in gas lol ....u might be able to send them a check and them sen the key to you or something like that but im not sure u could give a shot ..good luck
I just looked it up on the ignition switch and two keys are only $20.74.

So it probably not going to be that big of a deal.
Well Im feeling a little bit better now. So even if I have no keys at all they can make one for me for ~$7, I just talked with a guy who told me that my local (local being the one 2 hrs away lol) does have the ability to cut keys there as he has had them copy a couple in the past but never made one without one to go by. If I were to find the right part, ignition switch and keys, on eBay or order is from a honda place how hard is it to change out, Im guessing not too hard but I'm not real mechanically inclined.

I know I can just call the dealer tomorrow and ask but I am super PO'd at myself right now and trying to get all the info I can.

Truegrit I couldn't find it on Service Honda, I found just the ignition switch and/or just a key blank, is there a way to get them together, meaning two keys with a switch that will work without having to get someone to "cut" them.
I lost mine on a trip and went to a lock smith and had them cut me new keys with the # on the ignition switch cost me $25.00 but I got to ride that day
Re: Truegrit?

QUOTE ("CountyMounty":3jtxoqc5)
Truegrit I couldn't find it on Service Honda, I found just the ignition switch and/or just a key blank, is there a way to get them together, meaning two keys with a switch that will work without having to get someone to "cut" them.
In there exploded view, they have the switch and keys encircled. That item number has the keys & switch. It was #10 or 11, if I remember correctly. I always call there to order anyway, then there should be no doubt.
Problem solved, easily

I called the dealer today and they said just get the code of the switch and they could make them. Since I am itching to ride I went right out got the code and drove 2 hrs to the dealer to get it done. Very easy process I gave them the code and 5 minutes and only $11 later I left with two keys in my pocket. Tried them out when I got home and both worked great. Of course it is a larger key then the OEM and no boot over they but hey they work. I asked the dealer how sure they were that they would work and they told me that as long as I gave them the right code they would work and if they didn't bring them back and they would keep making keys until they got ones that did work.

Also got a message from the person I bought it from today saying he found another key for it and would mail it up, so I should be all set....for a while.
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You made sure to put the spare one in a safe place I bet.
I had 2 extras made when I picked my bike up two years ago,put one in a drawer,one in my truck glove box and one hidden on my bike.Taped to the wiring harness with black tape.Ya cant even tell its there.
hey does anyone wanna drive to florida to pick up a nice red foreman...the one pictured above^^^^. Comes with keys and all free!! i'm just kidding with you. I keep one key in my truck and one in my house.
Just be careful my Pit Rooster dont get ya.
Pit rooster????? LOL
i was wondering myself but didnt wanna look stupid and ask lol
Just a joke,Been a lot on the news lately about pit bulldogs,so why not a pit chicken-lol.
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