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Loss of power

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I went riding this past weekend and although I was not in water over the wheels, I was in large mud holes and puddles most of the 5 hours we rode. Towards the end of the day and especially when I went through shallow puddles, my 450 would sputter, backfire and lose a significant amount of power. In fact it wouldn't go over about 27 mph. When I shifted, it seemed to lose even more power. Could this just be water in the fuel or a bigger problem? I looked in my airbox when we got it home and it looked dry, however the air filter was very dirty. I checked the oil and did not see any water in it. Got a big trip planned this weekend so I need advice as to whether I can repair this in my garage or whether I need to take it to Honda. Finally, does the gas tank have a drain and where is it located. Thank you in advance for any advice!
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Did you block the bottom carb drain ? It hangs off of the bottom of the carb and is level with the floor board. You may not have to if there is a check valve on it. Take a look at that...Here is a pic..
Should I attempt to drain it and how do I do that? Should I put a stopper in the end of the tube like is in the pix or is that how it came?
I have not blocked the drain. What would I need to do to drain it and how would I know if I even needed to drain it?
Some dont need it if there is a check valve. You will notice it if there is some type of "bulb " in the line. If you needed to drain it, just unscrew the plug. I personally took a screw and dipped it in RTV sealer and screwed it up the hose. If I need to drain it....which I never have had to....Then just unscrew it. No biggie..
not trying to butt in fire3110 but i was gonna plug mine but i noticed some people said their air box would fill up with gas when they did this. what is the cause of this? is their some way to prevent this from happening?
That is usually only when you are trailoring the bikes that the airbox will fill up with gas..........Just turn your gas off and it wount fill the box up.........also if you arent snorkeled you wount have as much of a problem with it even when you are trailoring your bike but i would shut it off just to be safe
Exactly dirtyrider....If your bike is snorkled, the wind passing by your snorkle will cause a vaccume,, pulling the gas from your carb into the airbox and filling up your air box. 2 solutions..

1... turn the gas off while traveling

2... pull the plug at the bottom of your air box

Vaughn traveled from Florida to N Carolina and when he got there, his air box on both bikes filled so high that the air filter was floating in gas. This melted the foam air filter and he had to find a ATV shop to buy new filters before he could even unload them off of the trailer..
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