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Loose Throttle

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my throttle trigger has about 1/2 of an inch of play on it before it starts to give it gas.... is there anyway i can tighten it up?
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THROTTLE LEVER FREE PLAY: 3 - 8 mm (1/8-5/16 mm)

Major adjustments are made with the lower adjuster.
Remove the seat ..Remove the resonator chamber by loosening the
band screw and removing the trim clip. Remove the two trim clips and turn over the rubber seal. Slide the rubber boot off the adjuster.
Loosen the lock nut, turn the adjusting nut as required and tighten the lock nut. Install the rubber boot securely. Recheck the throttle operation and install the removed parts in the reverse order of removal.
i have always adjusted the throttle cable on the handle bars, just slide the rubber boot off and do the same thing that HM said. maby that is the wrong way to do it but i have always done it that way.
im always done it like mad said..
i third the motion that is the easiest way to do it
Yes you can adjust at the bars if there's enough adjustment left there .. Honda recommends major adjustment be done at the carb.
sweet! i just loosened the bolt and pulled out the throttle cable a little more and it works perfect. gotta be sure to not loosen it too much or it tries to take off on it own! lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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