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Looking to upgrade the performance of my 450S

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Im looking to get an HMF, but am unsure of which to get, i dont want a very loud pipe. Do they have spark arrestors and baffles? I ride at unwharrie (probaly spelled that wrong) here in NC and if you dont have em its like a 150 ticket or something like that. Also need a high performance filter and the jets, what would you recommend the kn or the unifilter, and what jet kit? Im new to all this and need something to better turn 27" bi/tri claws on my foreman, thanks
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HMF makes a QS1 pipe that is no where near as loud as the regular HMF. Still great power gains as well. Sounds like the pipe for you.

As for air filter, I would go with K&N but I hear the UNI filter is just as good. Then for jetting the bike see if you can find a deal on ebay but other companies sell them as well. Sometimes you can save some money if you buy the whole kits. I know has some good deals. Dynojet is the brand most people run.
I have a 450 with 27's and I just installed a DynoJet kit and K&N. It gave noticeable power gains. I have way better throttle response, about 12kph gain in speed, and better low end power. I have been very happy so far. Ive ordered a HMF untility as well and expect more gains. Go to the HMF engineering web site. They have a forum and you can talk to their engineers and ask all the questions you want. If I knew how to post the link i would.
I have the QS1 and it is around 96 db where the utility is OVER 100db stock is 90-94db. The eco CAN be ridden ANYWHERE you want without hassles, it is US forestry service approved. look at their web address <a href="" target="_blank"></a> here is a direct link to the QS1 <a href="" target="_blank"> ... rchby=pipe</a>
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