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looking to gain lost HP

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I just installed some new 26" Carlisle Mudwolfs on a totally stock 06 Foreman 500. I love the new tires but I would like to get back the minimal Hp that was lost. I would just like to get back to the stock "peppiness" Is that a word? Would a aftermarket pipe get me there? Do you have to rejet with a new pipe?

What is your reccomendations?
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the cheapest way to do it would be a clutch kit which changes the spings in the clutch making the bikes engine rev about 500 rpms higher so it is higher in the powerband, thus giveing you more low end torque. only $70.

just might thought...[/url]
i agree.
you can add a pipe but with you will have to rejet about 95% of the time.
pipe and rejet will cost you about $300 before labor if you dont know how to do it yourself
If the cost wasnt a main concern what would work better for me?

Pipe and rejet or clutch kit?
I'd say the clutch kit would get your "peppiness" back better than a pipe and jetting.
if you got a pipe, filter, and a jet along with the clutch kit it would be that much better...
Lost power

I installed a Highlifter "Power Up" kit in my Foreman. It is a pipe, jetting and air cleaner. It has plenty of power.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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