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billy baja, u serious. have there been posts on this page about that, i havn't come acrosse any thing, but i'm pretty new, i did about 4 months of research on atvconnection web forums and others and havn't read any thing about it. its a honda to, i've neaver heard any thing like that from honda, mabe yames or polaris(hehe). i'm interestd to hear what was wrong? bad oil pump? valve adj? bougt mine less than 3 days ago. never thought twice bout it. verry intested in yoru side of the story.

oh dmoney i payed 6,136 for my e06 es OTD. i am 10 hrs from southern honda and they had there (500 s) for 5,322 which was unbeatable, and i did alot of calling and bargining and what i payed was the closest i could get. southern honda doesnt charge tax AND which would be 400 when i got back t fl. and registerd it. then the gass and lodgeing it would end up being the same. i've heard alot of good thigns about southern honda thow, and woudl recomend it.(never done bisness with them thow)

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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