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looking to buy 2006 foreman 500 es 4x4

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Hello everyone, im interested in buying a 2006 HONDA foreman 500 es 4x4, time to upgrade to a bigger bike im currently riding a 2004 honda rancher 350 es 2x4 with 25'' itp mudlites,2500 warn winch i really like the electric shift feature and want the low gearing torque to put around and crawl through the mud and water. i woould like to know what size tires i can upgrade to on the stock foreman without losing too much power, i prefer to keep the motor stock and not add any engine mods except maybe a kn filter, i was thinking of going with the 26'' itp mud lites on itp c series wheels, is this too big or can i put 27'' tires or is it wise to keep the factory size of 25'' my size and weight may also be an issue im 6.0'' tall and wegh over 300lb will that severely effect the performance of this bike or does it have enough grunt to haul me around nicely with the bigger tires thanx, any advice would be appreciated this is cool site, very informative keep up the good work
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well i put 27" swamplites on my factory rims.... 27x12x12 i think...not sure but the facory 06 rims will fit 27's. You won't lose that much power. in fact if your upgrading from a rancher you will be happy as a kid in a candy store at the power difference. I'm 6'1 and weigh 260lbs and mine runs great
i have an 05 es and it will carry my father which is 6' 6" and lil over 300# and i am 6' 1" and 220# and i can carry the both of us down damnear any trail we put at it and it is still complitly stock the foreman is a beast compared to the rancher
I have 26" Mudlite XL's all the way around on stock rims w/out a lift and it works just fine.
I have an 05 500 ES with 26" gators on stock rims. It pulls me around just fine and I'm a big man.
is gators good on roads or dirt
go with swamplites very good traction and feel, 26x10x12 on mine and I am a big guy too.
QUOTE ("JWJR":1omcow41)
is gators good on roads or dirt
Don't know about roads if you mean pavement, I don't ride on hard roads. Dirt, mud and trails they are IMO!
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