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Looking for stock CV guards off of Honda Foreman 500 S

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I need a set to return my ATV back to stock so that I can sell it. I will be listing a set of Aluminum Products Stick Guards for a lift at a later date.

I threw my other set away. Hopefully someone will make me a good deal.

Email me at [email protected] I would like to have someone setup with paypal.

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please PM me when you are ready to sell those stick guards I want them.
Hey man I just bought some aluminum stick guards like 3 weeks ago and i have my stock rubi guards laying around. But i have a 04 rubi and i dont know if it will fit ur Foreman
I don't think they will fit, but maybe someone else can shed some light. I will pm when I get ready to sell.

I think I still have mine off of my 06 foreman. If you still need them I will check on it. I sure I'm sure I have them I saved everything I have took off. Pm me if you still need them and I will check
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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