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This probably has been asked before, but I need to know. Is this ok on my 06' Rubicon. When the handlebars are straight, one tire is straight, and the other is "pointing outward". It doesn't seem to pull(I can't tell really), should I have my dealer check the toe in? If anyone has had the same issue with their's I would really appreciate the advice.
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If i'm right they come like that, That's what wears the tires out on pavement so quick, I jacked mine up and realigned it and now i can ride the roads all day with NO wear on the tires. I think they do that from the factory so it'll turn sharper i believe. But like i said, I'm not sure.
Did you realign it yourself? Is it fairly easy? I don't ride roads very often, gravel more than paved.
yes, they all come like that. i fixed mine also, very simple to adjust. all you do is adjust a bolt on the tie rod.
Thanks for the tip Aaron, I'll see if I can't get that adjusted.
I asked the shop about mine, because it was toed out the same way. They said that the specs call for that difference, and along as it is within tolerance it is fine. But if it bothers you it is really easy to change. I just lined mine up and took it for a boot. Apply the brakes and let go of the bars. It is pretty easy to tell if something is wonky.
Yes some models toe out a lot .. On the 2006 Rubicon the toe out is 30mm plus or minus 15mm which makes the range anywhere from 15-45mm toe out .. The less the toe out the longer tires will last if your doing any pavement driving but less toe out will make it harder to control in corners and if the wheels are to straight it will try to pitch you off ..
My foreman is like that.I have about 1100 miles on it and I left it that way.It was a lot more noticeable when I had the stock wheels and tires.
Thanks everyone, I feel much better now, knowing these facts.
I straightened mine up not too long after I got it. I did leave a small amount of toe-out, maybe 10~15mm overall. Like HM said it will try to pitch you off. Basically all you have to do is adjust yourself to how the bike handles beacause when you straighten them up it changes quite a bit.

A bit of advice to you. It easier to loosen the inner tie rod lock nut by using a crows foot style wrench.
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