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Looking for New ATV

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HI, I am looking to purchase a new atv. I am about 260 pounds. I have been looking at the rancher es 350. Or do I need a larger atv maybe a foreman 500? Should I purchase a 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive. Can you wheelie the 4 wheel drive or is it to heavy. I would like my atv for work around the house maybe plowing snow (located in Missouri don't really get too much snow). And I would also like a good machine for recreation.

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SOunds like you need the Foreman 500 4x4, as long as your not a die hard mudder that machine will be perfect for you..........or maybe the Rubicon,........hmmmm, decisions, decisions!!
yeah your a little big for the rancher,i'd recomend the foreman 500 es or the rubicon they seem to fit and move the larger guys quite well.
I am 6' 3"...and I am 245 lbs... I am in shape and found that if you are going to enjoy your ride...and want to be comfortable...I would say a 500 or 650. My wife has the 500 and I know that for the little extra money, the 650 offers so much more seat and size. Just my opinion. Go sit and ride a bike before you buy. I started out with the 350...then the 400...then the 500 and found that I am the most fitted for the 650. Whats the difference between $5500 for the Foreman 500 and $6200 for the 650. I know...$700.00...but is it worth your comfort for a ride that you will be happy with for years to come? dont make the mistakes I made. You will loose your butt on tying to sell a new bike to get into something you should have bought in the first place.
new atv

Get the foeman ES. If you plan to use it for work then you don't want the rubican cause the autotrans is not good for towing or plowing. The ES or the manual shift has lower gears and puts the power straight to the ground.
get the foreman 500s..........$5200.00 here in michigan for a 2006 model brand new in 4wd..........deff. get the 4x4......the 500 would be plenty power i think.....but thats just my .02
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