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Looking for more low end power

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As you can all see from my mods I have done a lot to this bike. I was just wondering if anyone else knew of a way to get more low end power out of it. I have a 160 jet in it and 4 disc in my exhaust bike. I really don't want to do a big bore kit though. just looking for any suggestions, Thanks everyone!!!!![/b]
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what about lower gears? i think they make them for your bike but i im not sure about that.
you could get a stock size wiesco piston and have the head ported and polished and still run pump gas

boy i wish they made gears for this bike. i would love to have a set, but no there aren't any made yet. If you know where to find some please let me know. thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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