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looking for good riding area near southern ohio

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Anybody ride near southern ohio? , looking for some good trails, also any info on any up coming events or rides near ohio?
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Have you ever rode at happy hollow on sr 41 in sinking springs?
no where is it located? we have some strip mines down here in southern ohio and the public trails at wayne national forest near Ironton, ohio. but never heard of this. can you give me any info?
Ohio Ah?

Every time I drive threw your state on 75, I can believe how flat it is. I did hear some one say that ohio used to be swamp land?

Have you checked the national forestry service for places to ride?
im in the lower south east corner, we have a few hills around here but you are right over toward indiana and north its FFFLLLAAATTT. no i havnt checked but would be a great place to start thanks for the info
I'm in SE Indiana just over the border from KY ad Cincinnati. There is a placed called Haspin Acres about 45 northwest of Cinti that has about 700 acres and is a fun place to ride and get muddy. Also in Maysville KY along the Ohio river, there is a place called ATV Big Rock and is a great place to ride also. Both places have websites, just google their names. I don't know exactly where you are at but I love to go to WV to the Hatfield McCoy systems whenever I can. Well worth the trip. There is also some places in south central Kentucky to ride.
ill have to check them out anybody else got any ideas/
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