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Looking for a stock muffler

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New to this forum and looking for a lead. If anyone has or knows where I can get just the stock exhaust can(muffler), I'd be much obliged. I do have a Supertrapp on that I'd gladly trade or give away if I can get a hold of the OEM muffler or something as quiet. Can't seem to sneak back home without waking up the wife/neighbors:(
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I have my stock muffler/with all shields from the 2004 Foreman 450ES in my garage.Im not familar with how to package/ship products to anyone though??? Got to let me know!!!
I usually ship USPS or UPS, whichever is cheaper.
Sometimes the price difference is amazing.
Box it up in a sturdy cardboard box with some
paper for packing after breaking down the pieces.
The bigger the box, usually the higher the cost.
As long as you have an approximate weight
and zipcode to ship to, it's pretty easy! (53027)
I just received a stock pipe from Service Honda for a 04 Rubicon by mistake. It was literally placed in a box w/ heat sheilds installed w/o any packing material. It did rattle around in the box a bit but no damage.
12.7 lbs $15 2nd day air through FedEx, Indiana to FL, to give you an idea. The box is about 10x12x36.
Do you want the exhaust,if so I will look into how muck it is to ship.Do you want to trade or pay for it.It has low time on it(little dirty),but it honestly just sits in the garage collecting dust,Ive got no use for it though.Let me know!!!!!!!!
JF450ES and or truegrit - are you interested in getting rid of your mufflers?? Please let me know.
JF450ES- You got mail!
YELLOW TRX,the pipe is on the way boss,hope it is a little quieter for late ride(J,K) KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!!!!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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