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Looking for a lounger!

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Im looking for a lounger but i want one side to have a cooler section. I would also like it to be a soft bag. What do you all think? Not looking to spend $250-$300 on the Tamarack one. Looking to spend around $100.
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Go to Wal-Mart. They have some similar to that for around $50, but I'm not sure if it is camo
I actually dont want camo. Im looking for a black one. Ill take a look though. Walmart here in Miami is very 'urban' so they probably wont sell it.
I used to use the soft side one like this one. The coolers worked ok. but the plastic things that hold the straps tight (that hold it to the bike) broke after being rearended a few times. Now it sitting on a shelh in my garage.

Currently I used the Cajun Dri-Stor. Its a it smaller, but its actually nice to lean back against. Its held on by U-bolts and keeps things dry unless it gets totally submerged.

The soft sided one in black is $70 from and the Cajun Dri-stor was $90 from HL (but you can get it cheaper else ware
I'll have the one in the middle on Friday in black and let you know how it is.

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I needed something also with a backrest for my girlfriend who rides a lot with me. Do these have that?
I had the ATV logic bag for about a year then it disintegrated. 2 of the 3 zippers broke the plastic liner in both coolers tore. I would recommend getting an ATV stuff bag. They are all hand made somewhere in the Midwest and the service is great. Mullet tore 2 of there bags. All he had to do was call them. They told him "no problem just ships them to us and we will fix them".
Where are you finding the style bag im looking for on that site? I couldnt find one with a backrest and cooler.
Sorry you are right I thought they made one but I guess I was wrong. I own this bag now and it is great it is not a true lounger but I have kicked back on it a few times.
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Also you may want to call them I had them double the insulation and put a hard bottom on my bag when I ordered it. They may be able to line this bag so one or more of the compartments can hold ice.
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I hope that functoins better than it looks!
no real backrest in the one I got, but my daughter is only 6 years old, so she doesn't need much support back there.

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Yea it is ugly derik should put one on his bike
Thanks Hondude and everyone else also!
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